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"Objects bear witness to their creators who reveal something of their personality in the act of creation, but the creators cannot be seen in their creations. The appearance of objects does not reveal people who produce them, as it does not reveal the onlooker who comprehends this. This is the starting point for the image of the new man."

Harun Farocki


     Individual and common consciousness are not separate elements, functioning in separate worlds, although they undoubtedly differ as to the limits of freedom. Similarly, the way (and sense) in which the contemporary image of reality, created by means of photography, functions, is not a separate existential sequence. Nowadays, as we know, photography and its "derivatives", like film and video, create illusions, myths and icons.
      Photography has somehow taken over the function of mythologizing reality and creating its perfect or ideal image. The photographic image through defining the vague, through freezing, sealing, suggesting the new or the unnamed, often exerts stronger influence and is stronger in terms of projection than reality itself, somehow devoid of myth-making forces. The image gradually more and more often to a large extent replaces the word, reflection and memory, and manifests itself in an ideal, pure and, as a result, objectified way. Objectified, because there are no limits when reality is combined with the image of reality, when it is combined with fantasy, illusion and falseness. And I am not speaking of art here, but about common, everyday, average life.
      As C.G. Jung has said, "photography as one of the civilizational phenomena played its part in creating a broken down, fragmented image of the world". In contact with the world of images creating illusions, myths, icons, we have to do with the phenomenon of perpetual succession wherein one image pushes the other out - it is a quicksand of images, which along with the growing facilitation of creation and production (also of images), seems to suggest some still unrecognized project of mass imagination.

Krzysztof J. Baranowski



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Installation STILL LIFE- 49 coloured photograph from leaflets of supermarkets



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5 books with cut up bilbordów under title:
"Uległeś chwili słabości- masz alibi" - part of greater wholes
Cheetos - "Smak słodkiej przygody" - part of greater wholes
TPSA - "Szukasz kokosów-umieść reklamę we właściwym miejscu" - part of greater wholes
Sampo - "Jesteś silny naszą siłą " - part of greater wholes
VW - "Recepta na długowieczność" - part of greater wholes



Questionnaire: STILL LIFE
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